Who I Am

I am a Certified Nurse-Midwife, Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Professor of Nursing, and mother to two amazing daughters. I am passionate about translating research evidence into practice.  I provide practical, easy to implement ways to support optimal brain health for new parents and their babies through early parenting practices. 
Since the mid-90s I have supported families in a variety of settings, catching babies in hospitals, operating rooms, and homes.  


Our American system does not adequately support families in the postpartum time and thus this chapter of life is much harder than it needs to be.  I am determined to help craft the solution to the postpartum care gap. 

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Evidence-Based Care and Learning

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Postpartum Support

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Preparation for Newborn

Feeding and Care

In this class, you will learn all the ins and outs of newborn feeding.  Practical hands-on skills will be covered.  At the completion of this course, you will be confident and ready to get started on your parenting journey. At the completion of this course, you will get a free membership to our online Postpartum Lounge community of parents.  

Preparation for Postpartum

How to invite ease

In this class you will learn steps you can take to ensure your postpartum time is as ease-full as possible.  We will cover how to create a healing environment for parents and baby, holistic baby care and feeding.  You will learn practical hands on skills. Video content and live virtual meeting included.


Second Opinion

Shared Decision Making

Doctor visits often don’t provide adequate time for all of your questions to be addressed.  I provide unbiased evidence-based information to support your decision making around labor and birth plans. Shared decision making involves a conversation where the risks, benefits, and alternatives of all options are discussed.  

Processing Your Birth

Birth is a transformative experience. Regardless of how or where you birth, it is a roller coaster of emotions from the most vulnerable we have ever felt to the strongest and most triumphant. Your birth experience has a huge impact on your mindset. A birth experience can either bring a family closer together or fracture the family unit in small or large ways. Unfortunately, our American culture does not have a practice of encouraging people to talk about their birth experience. Even “normal” births may contain trauma.  We often hear that if the baby is safe, it was a good birth. This can leave us with lingering questions, doubt in one’s own body, diminished emotional capacity for connection with baby and partner. One on one or small group meetings support processing the birth experience, allowing you to move through to your next chapter, thriving with your baby.

First 21 Days

Beginner to Expert

Support for both parents and baby is essential for a safe, and relaxing postpartum experience. This package includes telehealth care with a licensed midwife/nurse practitioner/lactation expert in the first weeks of your baby's life.  This visit will focus on your health and recovery, baby's health, and infant feeding support.  You will learn practical ways to care for yourself and your baby. Daily check-ins support you to have the information you need when you need it.  You will have access to our team 24/7 through our app. Ongoing screening helps us detect problems early and a robust library of relevant content is available as you need it through our app. 

Next 21 Days

Expert to Community Member

In this phase of your postpartum journey, you will be more ready to focus on getting back into the world and connecting with others. The Postpartum Lounge is a community of new parents designed by midwives.


In the Lounge, you will have access to other new parents, educational offerings, live visits with midwives and guest speakers.  Real talk discussions of real-life topics from sleep to feeding to sex. Mindfulness practices for your parenting journey will be offered and practiced, allowing you to build your skills and resilience as you and your baby get to know each other and grow into a connected family. 

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Private Consult

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"I have had the privilege to be one of Professor Shealy’s nursing students. After obtaining an MBA and Master of International Affairs from Columbia University (New York), studying with some of the world’s most renowned professors and working almost 20 years in international finance, I can say that Professor Shealy is one of the best professors and teachers that I have ever had.


Professor Shealy exemplifies the best of an educator and mentor. She demonstrates mastery in her subject matter and teaches with passion. She creates an inclusive environment that challenges students to go beyond what they believe is possible, allowing them to feel safe in failing as they learn. As a student in her OB class, I was able to learn many new concepts about healthcare, nursing and how to think about caring for people despite having no interest whatsoever in OB.


Professor Shealy’s class was undoubtedly one of the best educational experiences I have ever had. I was very fortunate to be one of her students as I am certain that what I learned will help me throughout my nursing career regardless of the path I choose."

- Former Student

"Sarah is really good at intuitively knowing what others need even if they don’t know it themselves. She is best at providing calm and clear solutions for others based upon their needs, giving options and advice in the process. She does all of this in a non-confrontational and non-judgmental manner."

- Former client